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All recordings from NoSQL Live Boston now online!

by Christian Scholz on March 15, 2010

Today I finished uploading all recording I made from the NoSQL Live conference in Boston. They are now all located at COM.lounge TV (which I also reactivated for this). This also means that they are available in podcast form.

Here is a list of those talks:

CLTV41: Scaling with NoSQL
CLTV42: NoSQL in the Cloud
CLTV43: Lightning Talks
CLTV44: Schema Design with Document-Oriented Databases
CLTV45: The Evolution of the Graph Data Structure from Research to Production
CLTV46: Toward Web Standards for NoSQL
CLTV47: Lab Session on Apache CouchDB
CLTV48: What’s new in MongoDB 1.4

You can subscribe to COM.lounge TV via iTunes here:

You can find the event description here.


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