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2008, the year of Open Social Networks?

It really looks like that, the year is only 9 days old but already a lot did happen in that area:

and the latest news item: Google, IBM and Verisign are said to be joining OpenID

So all in all this goes faster than I thought. I remember that i saw quite some OpenID logos at the Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin and also heard a lot about opening up those platforms. To see at least the first bits already is great. Of course we need to wait what comes out of this all as not much is implemented yet but all these moves look promising. There are also a lot of problems to be solved in front of us but when looking at traffic on the dataportability and DiSo group you can see how active people are these days. For now 2008 looks great to me already!

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  1. Wow, at least, OpenID seems to get some serious notice from everybody… SignpostMarv Martin will be happy (http://slopenid.net) to hear that, and it might also have Linden Lab use OpenID for the logins, as Zero Linden suggested. The advantage (according to Zero)? It means that corporations and universities could very easily use their internal OpenID servers to provide quick and efficient validation of their own users, thus relieving LL from that task.

    Of course, there is a lot more that can be done using OpenID for SL authentication, as SignpostMarv's gazillion projects around OpenID have shown.

    OpenID has been like SL: growing slowly, lots of skepticism, but very steadily earning acceptance. It's not an "instant popular" technology. It is taking its time, but, who knows, 2008 might be the year it reaches maturity…

    So download one OpenID WordPress plugin and install it on your blog ;) … and then register an account with http://slopenid.net/, of course ;)