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Goggle is down if you use OpenDNS and shortcuts! (was: Google is down, updated)

Update 2: I have written a little summary of what on a technical level has happened today regarding this issue. Read it here.

: I apologize to Google as it seems not to be their fault but OpenDNS‘ fault. If are using OpenDNS and you have shortcuts enabled then Google seems to be unreachable because of that. Disabling shortcuts in your dashboard in OpenDNS will most likely make Google work again.


So the text below is outdated now.

After Google marked all search results as malware not too long ago, they are again in trouble.

While trying to reach www.google.de or www.google.com I receive an error that the connection is refused. A quick test in a shell confirms that indeed google.de is not responding on port 80. DNS is working (that means if it’s pointing to a Google server and not somewhere else).

On Twitter you can also see people complaining about it so it’s not just me.

From another server of mine in a different network (not T-Home as I am now) I can reach Google though but it’s also a different IP address it resolves to ( is working, is not).

So once again one gets reminded how important Google has become and how problematic it is if it’s not reachable. Search might be the least problematic thing as there are at least some alternatives out there but think of all the other services Google wants you to rely on them.

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  2. Well spotted! :) I had manually added the OpenDNS DNS servers the other day because of some problems on a network where I was and forgot to delete them… although I might still keep them around, I never know when I'll be on a "bad" network again.

    Now if I only could find that lovely panel of yours under OpenDNS' Dashboard, I'd be a very, very happy girl! :-D

  3. I also added OpenDNS recently because it seemed to have some nice features. Turned out that those features are maybe the problem ;-)

    So to get this setting, login, click on "Dashboard", then "Settings" and then in the left menu "Advanced Settings". And you should find this a little down the page.