Juli 2005 - mrtopf.demrtopf.de


So an annoying thread was actually going on at the Zope mailing list about a trademark issue. You can read about it here All in all quite annoying. More annoying is that ZC did not yet answer to my questions.. … Weiterlesen →

SMP and Zope

So this is more just as reference to myself. batlogg was just giving me a helpful link on IRC regarding multiprocessor machines and Zope. So here it is Just need to try it out and make some benchmarks.


Very cool, vinsci just mentioned on #plone LaszloSystems. It’s some sort of web application framework written in Java which supports an XML language for creating GUIs which then get compiled to Flash. So check out the demos at that site, … Weiterlesen →

The Dresden Workshop

So in order to get a bit more into Zope 3 I decided to simply visit Philipp von Weitershausen in Dresden to learn a bit. So I did it the last weekend and I learned a lot :-) So we … Weiterlesen →

EuroPython 2005

I left this blog alone for quite some time which was not that nice of me ;-) www.flickr.com This is a Flickr badge showing photos in a set called EuroPython 2005. Make your own badge here. So just to start … Weiterlesen →