Juli 2006 - mrtopf.demrtopf.de

New plone.org homepage

Times are changing and so is the plone.org homepage. Featuring a new layout it IMHO does a better job now in giving an overview of what Plone is about. The important bits on top followed by the feature list and … Weiterlesen →

EP 2006 bits: HTTP Exceptions

So I just wanted to share a little video snippet with you where James Gardner shows the HTTP Exception module from Python Paste which he uses in Pylons. I think it’s quite nice :-) Watch the Video

EuroPython Photos

Here’s my flickr badge for of my EuroPython photos: www.flickr.com Here’s the same for the EuroPython group: www.flickr.com If you have photos, please add them to the flickr EuroPython group and tag them with „ep2006“ and „europython“.

Attending Europython 2006

So I arrived at Geneva on Saturday and had a quick look at the city. Here’s the video about it and also some photos. I have registered now, met the usual suspects (and some more :-) and am sitting now … Weiterlesen →