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Climate Conference live in Second Life and U.S. Pol to Give Major Climate Speech in SL

The Climate Conference on Bali is still going on this week and if you are in the right timezone or sleepless you can attend virtually everyday at 4:30am SLT on the „OneWorld Meetings„-Sim in Second Life. is doing interviews live from Bali there and you can participate and ask questions. This will still go on until friday.

I was there yesterday and it was indeed quite interesting to get some information from behind the scenes compares to what you usually get on TV.

Ed Markey to give Climate Speech in Second Life

The same location will be used by Edward Markey, chairman of the Global Warming Comittee to do an online address followed by an Q&A. This will happen today at 5:30pm SLT (8:30 pm EST) again at the „OneWorld Meetings„-Sim. (press release here)

If you cannot attend either the daily interviews or the Climate Speech, you can also tune in via which has the stream live from Second Life at

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