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Come to Berlin and Web2Open! There are still free places!

I was just checking the Barcamp page and I saw they again raised the amount of attendees which makes now 400 coming from Germany and 100 from other countries. And there are still free places left! About 7 or so for the german list and 20-30 for the international one. So should you be in Berlin this weekend, you should think about attending the Barcamp (creating new contacts and eventually holding a session about Plone :-)).

So if you want, just sign up here and put yourself into the wiki list:

Then there is the Web2Open which is the unconference accompanying the Web 2.0 Expo. Web2Open is from 6-8 November. To register for it you do the following:

  1. go to the registration site
  2. answer the question for „Have you received a priority code?“ with yes and enter the code MLYEBEAA
  3. you will need to register for a user with the conference system
  4. choose „Full Event Expo Pass“ as your option of choice

For more information look here or here. This will get you a free ticket to the Web2Open and the keynotes at the Web 2.0 Expo (plus Ignite I think).

And if you want to work during this time there actually is BCN which offers free co-working space for everybody attending the Barcamp, Web2.0 Expo or Girl Geek Dinner during that week in Berlin. Read more about it here.

My trip will begin tomorrow morning and I will be back on thursday and I guess it will be lots of fun! :-)

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