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FOSDEM 2008: Asset Management with Drupal

The Asset module was explained by Wim Mostrey.

It consists of a collection of asset submodules, e.g. for embedding YouTube videos.

When you have the Asset module installed you have a wizard available which allows you to choose an asset, see a preview and so on. You can also set permissions on folders and assets, e.g. make it public.
You can also sync your Youtube video collection with Drupal with the Asset Youtube module (If I got this right).

It also adds new options to e.g. the Story type which then starts the Asset Wizard. In the normal textarea it will be displayed as string in [] which you can move around. If you have TinyMCE installed you will have a new icon for starting the Asset wizard. The assets will be displayed as images inside TinyMCE and you can move them around (e.g. audioplayer).

A question from the audience was if it also supports media stored not on your own server (external files, static files from a separate Apache). He said that it’s currently not supported.

Question: Does it have a progress bar for upload? Answer: not yet but might be nice.

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