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Kelly Services providing Virtual Staff for businesses.

The vBusiness Expo

Today the vBusiness Expo in Second Life ended. Although I unfortunately had to miss most of it the events I attended was great. Good speakers. Good topics and great people in general. So kudos to Clever Zebra for making this happen. Making a 4-day conference is certainly no easy undertaking but done very well.

At the end there was also an announcement by Kelly Services addressing a quite regular problem many new businesses in Second Life have: Staff. Getting your own employees in might be a complex process to train then and put time for this aside. So Kelly Services tries to fill that gap by providing people who get trained to represent your brand. You can sign up here.

Unfortunately no price tag is given but having a known and global brand providing this might definitely help businesses. It was also made clear that they are talking about real jobs and not a camping chair salary.

We will see how that goes. Thanks also to Kelly of course for sponsoring the Expo. And thanks again to Clever Zebra for making this happen!

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