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Marketing Plone the Web 2.0 way – my presentation from the Plone Conference 2007 (video)

Finally it is available: the video of my presentation from the Plone Conference 2007. In this presentation my aim was to get people to get the word out about Plone a bit more and especially not only in the Plone community itself. I showed several ways of doing that and methods to create conversation while trying to avoid mistakes in that area.

But watch for yourself:

[link to video on]
[link to video on]

(is it just me or is the Flash version not working? The problem might be the mp4 format which seems to have problems to be decoded to Flash on So maybe use the link to and watch the Quicktime version).

I haven’t watched it fully myself yet but judging from the beginning I would say that I shouldn’t look that much at the projection myself ;-) Problem was though that I could not see my laptop in front of me so I had to check whether the slide changed or not (and even then did not believe it and checked back way too often). So there is certainly some more stuff to get better at when doing presentations. Which means that I should do it more and actually I am preparing a little talk about the trends in the web2.0 scene for the Snow Sprint right now.

More videos!

If you want to see more videos from the Plone conference, check out the section at There only seems to be part of the videos be available yet but I guess new ones will be added over time so make sure you subscribe to the feed. You can also subscribe to this feed in iTunes to get new released episodes delivered automatically.

As for the video production itself it looks good but is IMHO missing marketing for Plone again a little bit. IMHO it would be great to have the term „Plone Conference 2007“ directly in the intro (with URL) and not just as overlay in the right lower corner (as it’s somewhat transparent it’s hard to read). But nevertheless it’s great to have that video available and I hope more will come soon! :-) (I know how much work it is)

PS: Any feedback on my presentation is of course welcome!

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