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Metameets 2009: Dr. Yesha Sivan about Metaverse 1

This talk is about the ITEA2 Call2 Metaverse1 Initiative


Goal: Global standards among real and virtual worlds.

Bridging the gaps

  • within virtual worlds
  • between virtual and real worlds

They define virtual worlds as a combination of: 3D, Community, Creation, Commerce

The Metaverse1 project will provide: a standardized global framework enabling the interop between

  • virtual worlds
  • real world (sensors, actuators, vision and rendering etc.)

Another goal: Metavers1 „for all“: eInclusion of minorities in the society.

The Consortium is made up of 31 partners across europe.

He is then showing the work plan starting with use cases, global framework design, implementation and integration. In the end a prototype is created.

Use Cases

  • virtual Travel
  • Serious gaming for ambient assisted living
  • virtual traces of real places
  • social presence
  • mixed reality
  • virtual presense
  • decision making on spacial problems

Framework of standards

  • Possible Technologies
  • Relevant Standards
  • Platforms
  • Key discussions
  • Key External Papers
  • Technologies in the group

Meetings and Workshops

Communication is going via e-mail, telcos, an island in SL, shared workspaces.

There have been 4 face2face meetings so far.

Work Packages (WP)

WP1: Use case driven requirements analysis.
WP2: Global Framework Design, Implementation and Integration (136 person years)


Standardization is done via the MPEG consortium (active for 20 years, received 3 Emmy awards). This will be the MPEG-V standard.

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