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More ideas for blogging :-)

Actually this is more an idea for the syndication people. If you read my blog on the Plone Planet you might have noticed the links below the posts which are added using FeedBurner (I can only recommend using FeedBurner, as it’s also giving you nice statistics on your blog among some useful features). So what about being able to do that with Plone, too. It’s sort of like a viewlet in the RSS feed. This might be similar to FeedBurner where you have checkboxes for several possibilities. Examples are a link to your comments section (with a comment count), link to Technorati, to email somebody or to save it on Feedburner gives quite a lot of ideas in that area I would think.

But as I haven’t looked into the new syndication efforts recently as well it might be already possible to at least provide a component which extends the RSS feeds. At least this might be helpful so this feature could be made a separate component and new items could be then added via configure.zcml registration.

I might mention it tomorrow then during the sprint again. All what’s needed it probably some extension point.

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