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My Barcamp Data Portability Presentation and how to defend critics

At the last Barcamp in Essen 1.5 weeks ago I did a presentation on Data Portability, basically introducing the idea and how the DataPortability Project is organized. Unfortunately it did not trigger as much discussion as my presentation at the webmonday where we nearly discussed the issues around it 1 hour. I am not sure why this was, maybe the barcamp crowd was already more into the topic than the webmonday crowd but anyway, here’s the presentation:

Points raised during the Web Monday presentation

There has be a somewhat hot debate on whether such an effort is needed or not and who actually is behind this. So here are some points raised during this discussion with some

  • „This is a project done by the big companies to further collect data about us in a global way“. This probably was a misconception of me talking about the big ones like Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc. joining the project. So if you present it make sure you mention that it’s a grassroots effort actually and not something founded by big companies.
  • Nobody needs this. Only geeks are on 1000 social networks, ’normal‘ people are not.“.> Well, this might be true to some extent but I also heard about some people outside the fishbowl at least that they are also annoyed. Beside this everything starts with some people having a problem they try to solve. If it’s important or not will be decided by the market.
  • „This is something which geeks only do because they get high on their technology“. Data Portability is in fact not about inventing new cool things but more about connecting existing things to make more sense. It’s also a lot about policy and eventually even user rights.

So these have been three points I remember. I might need to watch the video again to remember the rest but I think this were the biggest points raised.

Hope this is helpful. If you have critical points and/or a possible response to add feel free to do so in the comments.

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