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Scaling with NoSQL – Recording from NoSQL Live Boston

Last thursday the one day conference „NoSQL Live“ was held in Boston and thankfully also streamed. I recorded some parts of it and here is part 1 about how to scale with NoSQL databases.

As this is more or less the raw recording it does not start instantly but at second 23.

(Download MP3)

Session description

Moderated by Bradford Stephens
Bradford Stephens is a Founder at Drawn to Scale, who is building an easy, scalable data platform to help companies Process, Store, Search, and Query all their data, to all users. He is also the author of the popular blog „Road to Failure“ which focuses on scalability, startups, and software. Before Drawn to Scale, he was a lead engineer at Visible Technologies, a Social Media BI/CRM company. He has also enjoyed varying levels of success in the political campaign management, finance, and musical fields. When not solving Big Data problems, he can often be found playing guitar, listening to Iron Maiden, or exploring Seattle.

Mark Atwood
Mark Atwood recently came to Gear6 as Director of Community Development. Previously Mark was a core senior technical member of Sun Microsystem’s cloud initiative ( He is currently a contributor to the Drizzle open source community, and an active member of the Gearman and Memcached communities.

Doug Judd
Doug is co-founder and CEO of Hypertable, Inc, a company that provides commercial support for Hypertable, a massively scalable, open source database. Doug started the Hypertable open source project in 2007, while working as an Architect at Zvents, and has been actively building the technology ever since. Doug has over a decade of software engineering experience in the area of distributed computing and information retrieval. He joined Inktomi’s Web Search division in 1997 where he held both engineering and management positions. During his five year tenure, he designed and developed large-scale distributed systems, including significant pieces of the crawling and indexing software. Doug earned a B.S. in Computer Science from U.C. Santa Barbara in 1992 and holds four patents in search technology.

Alex Feinberg
Alex Feinberg is a senior software engineer at LinkedIn, where he works on Project Voldemort, an open source distributed storage system.

Ryan Rawson
Ryan Rawson is a Systems Architect at Stumbleupon where he works on HBase. In a previous life he has done things as diverse as geo-distributed coordination, supply chain optimization and advertisement systems. He has held positions at Amazon and Google and currently resides in SF.

Ryan King
Ryan King is the Technical Lead on the Storage Team at Twitter, leading a team that is using Cassandra to provide scalable storage for data at Twitter. Previously he’s worked with companies to scale out Rails sites and on search at Technorati.

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