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Philip Rosedale in Paris about Linden Lab, his new role and the future of the world… err, I mean 3d internet

Apparently Philip Rosedale was in Paris and I wasn’t ;-) That’s bad luck. But good luck is that all of this is recorded and there’s even a transcript! It was in the context of SLCamp which is according to their website an

ad-hoc gathering, a unconference, born from the desire of people to share and learn about the latest innovations in terms of 3D virtual environment, mainly focusing on SecondLife, technology, communication and marketing in an open environment.

Now this sounds great and is the thing I always wanted to have around. So I will keep watching it and might book a trip to Paris next time! :-)

But back to Philip. As you know he is right now in the middle of some transformation from being the CEO to being the chairman of the board. As well in transformation seems to be Linden Lab and the whole virtual worlds scene because everything is growing, Linden Lab has open sourced their client code and is in the process of creating an open protocol for a distributed grid.

So the more interesting it is to hear Philips take on this. I will just post the videos here but you can read the transcripts here. I might also post a followup on some topics.

Part 1: The Company

Part 2: The Platform

Part 3: The future of Second Life and the 3D Web

Part 4: Questions from Bloggers

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