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The future of Firefox (Web 2.0 Expo Berlin)

Now up on stage is Tristan Nitot, co-founder of the Mozilla Europe Foundation.

Looking back to 1999-presence: Mozilla is doomed, even JWZ quit. He asked the audience to stand up and then those people sit down who use Firefox mainly and nearly everybody sat down. So he’s now more positive about the future again :-)

Germany is the second biggest market for Mozilla in the world after the US. Poland and Slovenia are approaching 50% of FF users.

Firefox 3

Although rumours say it, beta 1 is not yet ready.

Engine update

  • Better mem management,
  • Snappier,
  • Better standards support
  • Full page zoom
  • Advanced font rendering
  • native form control (no custom buttons)

UI changes

  • Visual refresh still to come
  • Toolbar rearrange
  • Page info redesign
  • new download manager
  • visual drag&drop

New. The „awsomebar“, formerly Places

  • reinvent bookmarks
  • Merging history, bookmarks, and adding tagging

He then showed a demo of some of the features:

Mozilla 2: problems trying to get solved

  • More performance, smaller footprint (mobile devices), more secure
  • DeCOMtamination (rewriting tools to massively update the codebase)
  • Tamarin JIT compiler JS2 engine

Firefox mobile

  • Plans announced October 9th, 2007
  • Based on Mozilla 2 (e.g. will take some time, and FF3 will *not* run on your mobile)

Ways to get involved

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