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TopfCast (english) – Episode 01 – about Data Portability, the Snow Sprint and the Plone Development Process

TopfCast (english)

Finally I managed to finish the first episode of my english speaking podcast „TopfCast“. I wanted to do this during the Snow Sprint but wasn’t really having a voice anymore and instead doing a lot of coughing. As it’s better now here the result is, including some recordings from the Snow Sprint.
You can listen to it here:


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Data Portability

Data Portability Working Group
Email to URL mapping
My Profile and Social Graph Use Cases

The Snow Sprint 2008

Snow Sprint 2008 Homepage
Balazs Ree

Plone Development Process

Plone Strategic Planning Summit
Plone Framework Team
Plone Development Process
Roadmap and PLIPs.

Music played

Siba – Burst, album: Handless Clock,
Ben Drake – Flowers (Orchestral Mix), album: Musical Explosion, Jamendo
Rabitza – Electro Peace, album: Automatik, Label: diggarama

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