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Travel plans ahead

The end of the year is slowly approaching but the end of travelling is not ;-) So here are my most recent travel plans. If you are at these places too and want to meet me just send me a note!

Barcamp/Podcamp Berlin, 3-4 Nov 2007

This will be a lot of fun! It starts on Friday with a party and will close on sunday again with a party or actually 2. One is the Geek Dinner with Stowe Boyd and the other one the pl0gbar special Berlin. Right now I am thinking about giving at least 2 sessions: One about the new Second Life Grid Architecture (basically the same as at the webmonday in Aachen but this time in english) and one about Plone. I just have to prepare it though and I am wondering what I might put in there. Audience will probably be people who don’t know Plone yet. You can find all the information about the Barcamp here.

After the Barcamp it goes on in Berlin with

Web 2.0 Expo Berlin and Web2Open Berlin, 5-8 November 2007

Those are sort of related. The first one is the conference by O’Reilly and the latter will be the more barcamp like unconference at the same time. I still need to check out which sessions to attend and maybe thinking about holding one. Will probably quite problematic as the conference is already 5-track and the Web2Open will add to this amount of stuff to listen to. On monday there will additionally be workshops. If you are attending, maybe add yourself to the social network around it (my profile).

There will be also some parties around this:

On thursday I will then travel back and eventually attend the Second Life roundtable in Cologne, should it happen (I heard rumours about Twinity and StageSpace showing their products)

Webmontag Cologne, Nov 26th

This will just be an evening and not far so it might not count as travelling but it should be nice nevertheless. Maybe I will also present something, we will see. You can find all about it here.

So that’s it for November. There is nothing really planned for December except going for some vacation to Poland to visit the family of my girlfriend (and getting lots of great stuff to eat ;-).

Snow Sprint 2008

The new year might begin with the Snow Sprint but it might also begin with the annual #amigager meeting in Karlsruhe (called MeKa). I haven’t heard about this yet so we will see.

Definitely happening will be the Snow Sprint 2008 though and I am planning to attend it in order to get some new features implemented (maybe we can finish commenting there with Tom).

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