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About Data Portability’s logo wars, identity and Yahoo (DP Update)

Much is happening in the Data Portability world. Most press probably got the Cease and Desist letter from Redhat claiming the Data Portability logo is the same as the Redhat Fedora logo. Of course they are quite similar because they both use the symbol for infinity. So I guess it’s quite a stretch. But check for yourself:

Chris Saad, chairman of the Data Portability Group though did decide not to argue and instead called for a Data Portability Logo Competition. If you want to be part of it, make sure to submit a logo by March 11 2008. Prizes should come from sponsors, so if you want to sponsor a prize contact Chris Saad. All information is available in his blog post.

In other news (and already posted) there is an IdentityCamp happening in Bremen, Germany on June 7-8.

Then there is Yahoo who now launched Microsearch as David Peterson reports. Microsearch is a search engine which takes structured data marked up by Microformats and other formats into account and not only the plain textual content. As David also explains Yahoo is already quite big in marking up their own content with Microformats in flickr, and many more. Here is a search for „mrtopf“ on flickr.

Then we had a webmonday this monday and I introduced the Data Portability project and we got a very lively discussion going. I will report about it later but Guide Stevens actually made some good points over in his blog.

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