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Come to the DataPortability Plenary Meeting for Q1 on tuesday!

On tuesday the DataPortability Project will host it’s plenary meeting for Q1 2009.

Here is our official announcement:

All members of the plenary are invited to this meeting, where the
Steering Group can explain how we are tracking against the goals and
question Steering members on the DataPortability Project’s future
direction and the relevance of work being performed. It also is an
opportunity for the community to make binding decisions on behalf of
the Project, despite being removed from the day to day operation of

As with all DataPortability Project meetings, this is open to anyone
regards of Project status to participate. The DataPortability Project
is keeping to being a community driven organization, and although we
don’t charge membership fees, we require people to „opt into“
membership so we simply have a measurable way of determining people
that wish to identify themselves as part of the Plenary.

How do I become a member of plenary?

To be a member of the plenary, all you need to do is „opt-in“ into the vote mailing list by
stating your intention to be a member here:

Feel free to also introduce you on the public mailing list.

When is it?

It’s happening on tuesday, March 31st 2009 at 2000 UTC which is:

  • San Francisco: 1pm
  • Boston: 4pm
  • London: 9pm
  • Berlin: 10pm
  • Sydney: 7am (April 1st)

You can find a complete list of times including your location here.

Where is it? How can I participate?

The meeting will be held as a telephone conference. You can either dial in or you can use Skype for joining world-wide free of charge. Here are the numbers:

  • Skype: +9900827043965594
  • Dial-Up: 1-201-793-9022 Room Code: 3965594
  • Austria 0820 401 15470
  • Belgium 0703 57 134
  • France 0826 109 071
  • Germany 01805 00 9527
  • Ireland 818 27 968
  • Italy 848 390 177
  • Spain 902 885 791
  • Switzerland 0848 560 397
  • United Kingdom 0870 0990 931

There also is a backchannel chat room here.

For more information check out the wikipage for the meeting.

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