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Data Without Borders is back: The Internet Identity Workshop

Data Without BordersIt took a while before we restarted our podcast „Data Without Borders“ but we are back on track with the third episode after the break where we talk about what happened at the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) which happened last week.

We also got two new people on board: Eve Maler from PayPal who is also the chair of the Kantara Inititative’s User Managed Access Work Group and Elias Bizannes, like myself board member of the DataPortability Project.

Of course we also still have Trent Adams from the Internet Society (the organization behind the IETF) and another member of the DataPortability Project board: Steve Greenberg.

And last but not least we are now an official podcast of the DataPortability Project (whatever that actually means, in terms of content probably nothing and it should be noted that the opinions expressed in thep podcast are our personal opinions and not some official opinion of the DataPortability Project unless stated otherwise).

The Internet Identity Workshop

I heard a lot of very good things about the Internet Identity Workshop which happenes twice a year in Mountain View, CA. Unfortunately I never made it there though. But at least I know people who are going there and this time all of my podcast co-hosts have been there and so we talk about some topics which have been discussed there, like the future of OpenID, Webfinger, LRDD, XRD and lot of other upcoming and established standards.

But give it a listen yourself:

(Download MP3, 45 min, 46 MB)

For the shownotes check the blog entry.

You can also subscribe to us on iTunes.

We are also streaming the recording of new episodes live on fridays, 1800 UTC. More information will be posted to the Data Without Borders Twitter account.

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