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Kevin Marks on OpenID and OAuth at Google (plus introducting the In-Motion Podcast)

I know I am a bit leaning towards the DataPortability topic these days but that’s how it is ;-) So here is another thing I wanted to promote a bit: Trent Adams and Steve Greenberg are doing a great podcast about DataPortability called the In-Motion Podcast (subscribe in iTunes, via RSS or via email). They are giving industry news around the topic and they are regularly interviewing various folks about it and what they do in that regard.

Episode 3 is out now and among a little interview with me I was also invited to interview Kevin Marks, developer advocate (esp. for OpenSocial) at Google. We talked of course lots about OpenSocial and how it might fit into the DataPortability area (to me it’s still not so clear but Kevin said something thinks along the ways that you don’t move the data to the app but the app to the data. Of course this is one possibility but IMHO it does not solve the whole problem yet, like linking different networks together).

Kevin Marks on OpenID and OAuth

We also talked about OpenID and OAuth at Google and I wanted to know if and when Google will become an OpenID consumer and using OAuth instead of the own Google AuthSub. He unfortunately wasn’t that clear on the first question, mainly saying that with Blogger they are already a consumer and they are big friends of OpenID. Maybe somebody can clarify as it wasn’t that clear in the interview.

Regarding OAuth he said:

„As far as the Google Contacts API and the other Data APIs go, we plan to move to OAuth for those from the existing Google AuthSub. That will happen sometime in the future. We’ve announced that we are doing that Obviously the code needs to go through security reviews so I can’t give you specific dates but that’s definitely a goal.[…] And that’s something we are very keen in making a public standard.“

So this sounds good and let’s hope that it will happen soon! :-)

For the full interview just listen to Episode 3 of the In-Motion podcast!


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