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MySpaceID and the MySpace Open Platform arrived at

MySpace Open Platform

Yesterday we only heard some rumours about MySpaceID and that it’s mostly a renaming of „Data Availability“. And in fact to the most part that’s true if you look at this blog post on the MySpace Developer Blog.

I explained yesterday what MySpace Data Availability is (basically OpenSocial) and the same is true of course for MySpaceID. What’s added now is Google Friend Connect and some plans for the future. As the blog post describes, these are the features today and tomorrow:

  • Connect MySpace profile data to partner sites (Now available)
  • Find MySpace friends on a partner site (Now available)
  • Register on partner sites using their MySpace URL
  • Publish activities from partner sites to MySpace
  • Syndicate activities on MySpace to partner sites

So it’s exactly the missing piece of Activity Streams which I mentioned yesterday which seems to be in the pipeline. That should be easily implementable using OpenSocial for both writing as reading. It will be interesting to see what „Register on partner sites using their MySpace URL“ might mean. Simply OpenID? I guess we will find out someday.

While there is nothing really new about MySpaceID right now, in general it’s good to see MySpace going down a very good route in utilizing the Open Stack consisting of OpenSocial, OAuth and OpenID. This will certainly win in the long run although surely some interoperability, branding and educational issues still have to get sorted out.

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