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Progress on DataPortability in the project and at Digg

Steve Williams from Digg today announced that will provide technologies to allow for more data portability. As he writes on the digg blog, these are:

  • XFN for marking up your contacts
  • hCard for marking up your profile information
  • RDFa for e.g. marking up Dublin Core Metadata and similar information (I wonder if we do that in Plone, I guess not but we probably should as we already store a lot of DC Metadata).

This is once again great news and a good next step in making Data Portability happen! We need more of this!

In other news I added two new technical recommendations to the Technical Specifications of the DataPortability Project. Those are specifically about how to markup profiles (hCards but some bits are missing with this) and contact information (here I think we should allow for both, XFN and FOAF). Please comment on them or add issues to clarify.

You can see all the technical recommendations here.

As said, please participate! Join an Action Group! Or if you are running a social network add these technologies to your site, too!

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