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RFC: How should consensus be found in the Data Portability Technical Action Group?

The two problems I think we seem to be facing in the DataPortability Technical Action Group regularly is:

  • How to create more discussion about proposals
  • How to find consensus on a proposal

As I think this is crucial to get something done I spontaneously created a process proposal and I am following this already. Hence my post. It’s not aimed to be a final solution but will be a final solution if nobody objects ;-) (well final until we find issues with it and have to revise it)

So please read the proposal and then discuss it in this thread in the DataPortability Technical Action Google Group!

Additionally I put up a draft of a process and criteria in how we find and define standards/formats for the group. This is not in the proposal phase yet but feel free to leave comments on the wiki page.

Discussion time for the consensus proposal will end on May 24th 12 pm GMT and voting will start right after (unless somebody has good points to do it completely different).

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