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RPX for Plone: Login to your Plone site with your Twitter, Google or Facebook account!

As I am an advocate for Data Portability and all of it starts at the login, I am happy to announce „plonesocial.auth.rpx“, an authentication plugin for Plone which allows you to login to your Plone site with a variety of third party accounts such as Twitter, facebook, Google etc. or any OpenID.

It is build upon JanRain’s RPX service which makes it easy to use any of those login methods without implementing all of them. You only need to implement one method and this is the RPX method.

plonesocial.auth.rpx does just that.

Here is a little screencast I did showing you how it looks to the user:

(Link to YouTube video)

There is also an installation documentation, the source code is on bitbucket and here is the Plone product page.

The development of this product was sponsored by COM.lounge.

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