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The annoyances of trademark law

I covered the problems Linden Lab is creating by enforcing a more strict Trademark Policy earlier but the topic strikes back from another area:
Last week the new DataPortability Project Logo was revealed after Redhat sent a Cease&Desist to the group as the logo resembled too much of the Fedora logo (Trademark law requires you to fight for your TM, otherwise you lose it).
But now that the new logo is public, the next C&D letter arrived, this time from Vivendi Mobile. Apparently the new logo looks too close to their own trademark of their service ZAOZA which indeed seems to be the case:

So slowly choosing a logo gets annoying as the group actually wanted to concentrate on other things like bringing technical recommendations forward. This is also the reason why again this time the challenge will not be fought but instead the new logo will be tweaked a bit to hopefully look different enough to any other trademarked logo out there on the planet.

TechCrunch has the whole story.

It strikes me though that something with trademark law seems to be wrong.. ;-)

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