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TopfCast #005: Devilsticks at sprints

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Sorrento Sprint 2008, my Sorrento Sprint report

Marketing Failure at T-Mobile: The initial letter to Engadget, The Engadget Mobile reaction
Data Portability Working Group, Robert Scoble on Data Portability, The Next Web Conference, Data Portability Lunch (upcoming), my DP video
Second Life’s 2nd AWG meetup report,
The Architecture Working Group,
The Protocol Draft

Warning: The Archetype/Devilstick/Dexterity discussion might be a bit technical
Plone Strategic Planning Summit Updates


„Pension Tension“ by Cactus On Fire feat. Baba Brinkman (download mp3)
Album: 52 weeks

„I Can’t Stop“ by Paul Keely (download mp3)
Label: Epsilonlab

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