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Vote for your favourite logo for the DataPortability Project

A while back the DataPortability Project received a Cease and Desist letter from Redhat claiming that the logo we were using is infringing their copyright as it’s too similar to the fedora Logo. This could have been debated but the decision was made to look out for a new logo from the community. After a lot of work (which Elias describes in detail) there are now 15 logos up for public voting (out of the 403 entries we received in total).

Click here to vote!

The vote will be up until next friday (april 18th), 11:59pm, PST. The winner will be announced during the Web2.0 expo which is happening from April 22-25 in San Francisco (and if you are into DataPortability you should attend some unconference around the Expo anyway as there is likely something to happen in this regard).

Thanks to everybody involved in this and I hope for a lot of votes!

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