TopfShow #5: Barcamp Ruhr und Nation Building (podcast, german)

Episode #5 of my german podcast TopfShow is about Barcamp Ruhr (which was great) and a session about Nation Building in the internet. The question we discussed was whether it makes sense to have some sort of internet nation or an internet president etc. We covered Second Life as well as nation like internet experiments.

[Download mp3, 53:07, 46 MB)]


Über diesen Podcast und dessen englischen Bruder

englisher Podcast: TopfCast (iTunes)
deutscher Podcast: TopfShow (iTunes)
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Barcamp Ruhr in Essen
Rundgang durch das Unperfekthaus von Johannes Kleske, vor allem schön auch das WC. (und sein Video der Vorstellungsrunde)
Data Portability
Robert Basic
Identity Commons

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