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The Plone Release Calendar

One thing I usually miss is deadlines and one thing to make me better aware of them is if these show up in my Google Calendar. One area where deadlines are important is the Plone Release Process (read more about it here). And what I was missing was a calendar I can simply subscribe to. So here it is:

The Plone Release Calendar

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The view above is the calendar republished via FeedBurner. You can subscribe via different means:

You can also subscribe via E-Mail but I guess new events will only be mailed when they are added, not when they are due. For this it’s probably better to use a Google Calendar and add notifications.

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Further process

I’d think that the best would be that the framework team updates the calendar. It should not be too much work but at least for me it would help. I can also try to do this but this again depends on whether I notice new dates or not.

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