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Tutorial: „Where is What?“ in Plone

Have you ever wondered how to change the logo, the navigation tabs or anything else in Plone to make it look more like you want it to look? Plone has a great deal of elements all over the page and all these can be changed rather easy, even without touching the main template. The only problem is to find the spot where these are defined.

John DeStefano together with Jet Wilda now published a guide which explains just that. For every element it explains where it’s defined, what CSS class and ids apply and thus also how you can change it. Even more they do it for both Plone 2.x and Plone 3.x.

So if you want to change the look of your Plone site or simply one element, this is the place to to look for.

You can find it here in the Plone Documentation Area.

Great work, guys!

Update: Rob Porter has another version of a Where is What guide for Plone 3 (via Twitter).

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