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Addressbook now without Bluetooth support? (and what to do about it)

One of the great features of the Address Book application in Mac OSX has always been the ability to connect it to your mobile phone and send SMS or do calls via Bluetooth. Now I was a bit unpleasently surprised when I wanted to use this feature and couldn’t find it anymore. And indeed, it has been removed from Leopard so in this regard the upgrade to Leopard in reality is a downgrade.

So this obviously sucks esp. as this seems not be mentioned anywhere in the „Features“ list.

What to do about it?

First of all tell Apple. I am not sure what the best way is, I for now commented on the support article here. Maybe you should also contact support and tell them.


First there is a dashboard widget called emitSMS. This looks quite simple and nice but unfortunately I have no idea how to get this running with my phone. It’s free though.

Then there is BluePhoneElite 2 which seems to be a more general solution for handling all things bluetooth phone. It can trigger actions on receiving, sending SMS or receiving a call. It can also access your phone call history and much more. Looks quite nice but it comes with a price tag of $24,95

These are all not the perfect solutions although BPE looks nice. Still I would like to get that Address Book feature back!

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