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Google Apps Team Edition

Google recently launches a new Google Apps edition for Teams, here is the introductionary video:

I am wondering now if that was the project that Google guy I met at EuroPython worked on :-)

Now it’s not that breathtaking new actually. It is a collection of well-known Google Apps, such as Docs, Calendar, Chat or GMail. The new thing might be that you can use your own email address to sign up and find people from the same company/school easily. This feature is going throughout the apps so that it’s easy to share documents etc. with people from your institution.

Other features are your own branding, control about which apps should be available and so on (but I am not sure if that’s not normal Google Apps functionality anyway).

The main problem again is of course that this data is stored on Google’s servers and I am not sure I really want this. I’d still like some Google appliance doing this more.

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