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News from the Bali climate conference

The Climate Conference in Bali is officially over since yesterday but it’s still going on trying to find some consensus. Unfortunately US was blocking most of the negotiations by not wanting any text which included actual numbers. This is very hard to understand for most of the rest of the world who wanted to go into the right direction. Now at least Australia and Canada are agreeing and do not block signing the negotiation range of 25-40% by 2020 compared to 1990 levels anymore (which is how I understand it). This only has happened after a lot of pressure and on the last minute.

The USA has been isolated, Paula Dobriansky of the Bush White House was even boo-ed at.

Still to me from the material I find online it is not that clear what the proposal they are trying to agree upon now is. Is it just the minimum compromise or the full one. I guess the minimum one as it seems not commit governments to the vital peak in global emissions by 2015.

Too bad the Second Life coverage is not going on anymore as it was a good source of news directly from the negotiaters. So I will keep monitoring blogs and later press conferences to check out what’s happening in those last minutes.

All in all this conference is still a very sad process one must say.

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