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One thing you should be aware of when doing multilingual blogging

As you might have noticed I once was putting all my blogs onto one single blog (this one) as it seemed easier. Today now I wondered why my blog post about the Snow Sprint wasn’t showing up when looking at although I tagged it accordingly.
It turned out that this URL only shows english posts.

Now this post was written in english but my blog was claimed to be a german language blog on technorati. Thus it does not show up. When changing the search to include any language it showed up.

So this is of course a problem. You cannot choose multiple languages in your blog setting on technorati and I wonder what to do about it. Is it possible to claim it twice? Because that will now probably what I will try.

Best thing would of course be for technorati to change this. Even better would be to check the actual article and not the blog for which language it is written in.

So be aware of this when you mix languages on a blog and you want to show up in searches.

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