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The Snow Sprint 2008 just started!

Every january since 5 years 50 Plone and Zope programmers meet up in the alps to attend the annual Snow Sprint. Organized by Lovely Systems this is always great fun, both to program together with other people on interesting new topics and of course go out in the snow.
This time it’s located about 2000m high close to Bielerhöhe (Google Maps here) and we just arrived. Weather is great and slowly more and more sprinters are coming in.

Also the way here was great as we started by bus from Bludenz to Partenen, then up with the cable car and then going further with the bus. The interesting thing was that it was going through looooong and very narrow tunnels all the time.

My topic will probably going on with the Plone Commenting stuff because one thing we really need in Plone is better commenting (with spam protection, moderation and workflow support, threading, etc.). So I hope to get this further worked on. Another topic might be what’s important for the future of CMS regarding social networking features.

We also have a live stream already, done by spanky, embedded below. I will now try to blog, podcast and videoblog a lot about it and try to convince other sprinters to do the same.

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