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Twingly, first impressions

Twingly launched yesterday and wants to be a competitor for Technorati and Google Blogsearch but of course much better :-) They also said that it’s more focused on Europe, whatever that means (I hope better language handling as technorati does not seem to like bilingual blogs that much).

So here is how it looks like:

The results seem to come up pretty fast but maybe no wonder as they probably do not have that many users yet:

It also shows links to posts linking to you next to your blog address. The Like link only seems to be used for influencing search and I wonder how this is spam protected (once the site is open).
One thing I was wondering about is the greyed out X you see next to the title. I thought I might maybe have something like „dislike“ with it and thus changing my own search results. But when clicking on it I get this:

That unfortunately was not was I was looking for and there seems to be no way to undo that as e.g. Google implements (this way of undoing it is btw much better than asking beforehand if you are sure).

So now I hope for the admins to demark my blog post ;-)

I was also wondering if some social features like on technorati might be implemented but it turns out (and it was also mentioned in the presentation at The Next Web conference) that you can vote for features and decide with the team what gets implemented next.

Here is what it looks like:

I am not sure why the screensaver seems to be that important but well… ;-)

Ok, that’s it for my little twingly roundup. Looks small and fast and hopefully it stays that way (technorati these days gets somewhat overloaded. Twingly feels more like a Google approach).

I should also mention that it’s in private beta now and thus you only can apply for an invite. No idea how the policy on giving out new accounts is yet.

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