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Telekom-Paket: Schreibt euren Abgeordneten und rettet das Internet (Save the internet regarding the Telecoms package)!

Save the European Net !

Not long ago (June/July) the EU discussed the so called Telecoms package which’s purpose it was to regulate the telecommunication market. The main goal was to protect consumers but that initial goal was turned into the opposite by many proposed ammendments which would have led to massive internet traffic monitoring and controlling and eventually even lifelong banning from the internet. Needless to say that most of these ammendments have been brought in by the media industry lobby. Luckily some european rights activists started a campaign in the last minute and many of these ammendments have been kicked out. Unfortunately though some stayed in esp. the term „lawful content“ which is highly problematic.

Now the first reading vote for this package is due on wednesday and it’s your job to contact your MEP to tell them how to vote. together with La Quadrature du Net have been busy generating a list of all ammendments and how to vote for them (and what they mean). You can find them here. Please contact your MEP and tell them about your concerns and tell them how you would like them to vote (they are your representatives, you know).

Most important to vote for is ammendment 138 (which says a judge is needed in any case to decide on the matter) and against ammendment 34 (which harms privacy in the name of unauthorized file sharing)!

More information can be found here and help to spread the word!

If you don’t know who your MEP is, you can find out here.

Das meiste steht ja oben, daher die dt. Kurzfassung: Das Telekom-Paket, welches immernoch eine Bedrohung für die Freiheit des Internets und dessen Nutzer steht, steht im EU-Parlament zur ersten Abstimmung. Kontaktiert euren EU-Abgeordneten und sagt ihr oder ihm,

  • für Ammendment 138 zu stimmen (besagt, dass ein Richter im Prozess immer benötigt wird),
  • gegen Ammendment 34 zu stimmen (ist eine Gefahr für unsere Privatsphäre im Namen von illegalem Filesharing)
  • den weiteren Abstimmungsempfehlungen von La Quadrature du Net zu folgen

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