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The Machinima Contest Winners!

The Koinup Machinima Contest had it’s award ceremony yesterday, announced the three winners. Two have been chossen by me and CodeBastard Redgrave and one was the community winner.

All in all I must say that Machinima has come a long way in Second Life since back then in 2006 when I started. This is a great process and I hope it has not yet ended!

But without further blabla here are the winners! :-)

Alienhearts – The Little Newbie

This is a really great video which (rightly so) won the Community Vote. Watch for yourself and you know why.

<a href="">The Little Newbie music video &#8230;</a> &#8211; a <a href="">Second Life Videos</a> by <a href="">alienhearts</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>

BKiddo – „The Cats Will Play“ Grindhouse Tribute

This is one of the winners I and Codebastard Redgrave have choosen. I think the visuals, editing and how it works with the music is just great. I especially dig the kick close to the end :-)

<a href="">&#8222;The Cats Will Play&#8220; Grindhous&#8230;</a> &#8211; a <a href="">Second Life Videos</a> by <a href="">BKiddo</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>


The other winner is Chouchou with their video of the same name. It’s a bit different than the ones before in that it’s more poetic and cinematic. Watch it! :-)

<a href="">Chouchou</a> &#8211; a <a href="">Second Life Videos</a> by <a href="">Chouchou</a> on <a href="hhtp://">Koinup</a>

And everybody please keep doing great Machinima!

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