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TopfCast (english) Episode 2: A short history of Marketing

Here it is, the second episode of my english version of the TopfShow. This time a little bit shorter and it mainly features a little history of where marketing is coming from and where it’s heading. It also includes again music, some notes on Übercaster, ScreenFlow and the Plone Strategic Planning Summit.

The Podcast

Download as extended podcast (m4a, 42MB, 44:03)
Download as MP3 (41MB, 44:03)


How to reach me?

Homepage: you found it ;-)
iTunes Suscription: click here


Music for Podcasts:
Übercaster (get the most recent version and update it manually because the update check is broken in 1.5, 1.5.2 is out now)
SnapzPro, iShowU, ScreenFlow
Michael Pick (and his Data Portability-Video)

Plone Strategic Planning Summit
(my update including PSPS-Reports)

A small history of Marketing

the blog post I refer to
Seth Godin – Meatball Sundae


Sungod Abscondo – Wicked Mama
Normaa – The Void Triumph (I got this wrong in the podcast, sorry!)
Sudden Death – Spam

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