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Linden Lab releases first draft of the Second Life Open Grid Protocol

On September 13th 2007 Linden Lab started a project to create an open protocol for interconnecting Second Life like grids. The aim was to a) make Second Life more scalable and b) to enable everybody to run their own server components and be able to connect to a global grid (or create their own). I reported about his here and here.

Today Mark Lentczner (aka Zero Linden) from Linden Lab published a first draft of the protocol definition, starting with the login process.

The work is not done by Linden Lab alone though. Everybody is invited to participate in this work and everybody is especially invited to implement server components based on this protocol.

You can find the first draft at

If you want to know more about the background of the protocol, how the structure is supposed to be, please look at the Architecture Working Group’s wikipage.

This is very good news the project itself seemed to slow down somewhat. But Linden Lab stated that they are now back on track and very active in this field. There are also plans to setup experimental grids to play with and the source code of an modified client which implements the protocol defined in the draft was released last week.

Discussion on this will be done at the AWGroupies meetings or Zero Linden’s office hours. So next chance will be in about 2 hours from now.

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