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Announcing COM.lounge TV

COM.lounge is proud to announce a new video blog called COM.lounge TV.
This video blog is derived from the well-known and will from now on contain the more technical posts from that. will then just hold the not so technical posts.

Compared to we will also extend the scope of this blog a bit. From now on it will not only feature Plone related stuff but a wide range of topics such as Python, Zope, Plone, web technologies and even virtual worlds. You can hear more about the concept in the introductory podcast.

You can find the video blog at It already contains 4 videos from the EuroPython 2006 conference about the web framework shootout and also the keynote of the DZUG conference by Martijn Faassen.

Please don’t hesitate to send me any feedback at (although I will be on vacation for 2 weeks starting tomorrow so responds might take a bit).

Do also contact me if you have cool stuff to contribute. It is clear that I don’t have time to cover all topics like the other Python frameworks out there but if you want to contribute feel free to do so. In return all the episodes are also released under a Creative Commons license so you can take the videos, remix them, republish them and so on as long as you credit the author and it is non commercial.

If you want to subscribe to the blog then there are various possibilities in the sidebar. After my vacation I will look into adding it to the iTunes Store so you can add it with one click to iTunes. For now you have to copy the RSS URL manually and add the podcast via the Advanced menu.

And for now I hope you enjoy the episodes and what is going to come!

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