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Attending Europython 2006

So I arrived at Geneva on Saturday and had a quick look at the city. Here’s the video about it and also some photos.

I have registered now, met the usual suspects (and some more :-) and am sitting now in the first talk of the Web Frameworks Track. Talking right now is Kevin Dangoor and he is giving a nice overview about web framework stuff mentioning WSGI, Paste, Beaker, Python Eggs, Zope3 and more. Especially cool seems paste.httpexception which shows tracebacks with all the variables in a frame defined additionally with a debugging shell in the web browser.

I also have the video camera with me but I am not sure if I will do lots of video. For one part people are busy sitting in talks and the other problem is that it takes quite some many hours to edit it on my powerbook. So we will see.

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