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autogenerated ids in Plone

there’s usually the function to switch showing the id in edit forms on and off. Moreover there’s a script which does generate the initial id. While all this is good, it’s maybe not good enough ;-) And maybe even better it would be if there wouldn’t be a need for such a thing as explained here.

So as it is there it should be the following possible to do:

  • make the ids shorter or at least more configurable (as it might break the navbox)
  • make the switching on/off configurable depending on location as e.g. in this blog it might not make that much sense
    but it does when defining a new main folder in the site structure.

But actually there’s this CMF inherent fault that the object is first created before the initial data can be entererd. This is the real problem which should go away. One solution to this might be Pipes

UPDATE It’s sort of solved now in Plone 2.1, so hurray :-)

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