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EuroPython registration is open!

Finally things in the EuroPython realm get a bit clearer. After some people were already wondering if it will happen at all, we now have the registration open (unfortunately Benedikt was ill and that crippled the communication a bit but these things have been sorted out and Benedikt also seems well again!).

So I am planning to go there and do some more video, maybe on a broader basis which means to cover Python in general also (maybe concentrated on web frameworks which means that I might also learn a bit more about other systems out there).

For all those interested (and if you are using Python you should be as the former conferences all have been a great experience) go to the Registration Page and register. There’s also an early bird until May 26th available which is EUR 65,- for students and EUR 120,- for anyone else. Normal price is EUR 100,-/EUR 240,-.

Registration is open until June 26th.

General information is available at the EuroPython Homepage

Hope to see you there!

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