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first and second day of the plone confere nce 2004

Day 1

So finally I come to writing a bit about the start of the plone conference in Vienna. The first day is actually over and I must admit that I did not view that many talks or tutorials but keep speaking to many people. So it’s quite nice in terms of meeting people here :-)
Regarding talks and tutorials it seems more aimed to beginners which changed from day 2.

One of the problems of day 1 might have been the flaky internet connection caused by some router or ISP problems (don’t know exactly). But this means then more time for speaking to people (although it’s hard without IRC ;-)

So some images can be viewed here.

And what I heard the first day way basically was

  • the state of Plone (opening talk) by Alex and Alan
  • The talk about the plone foundation and how we all profit from it by Paul and Joel
  • the talk of Sidnei about using webdav inside plone in respect to using XML and a better content_type_registry

The evening was happening in the Rathauskeller and was quite nice though the waiters have been a bit stressed it seemed ;-)

Day 2

The second day was more about Zope 3, Five in the tutorial section. Talks were also more in depth, e.g. I’ve heard about Occams (but did also experience it myself some time before (see some other blog entry) and parts of Five and the Zope3 tutorial as well as the talk about Group User Folder (GRUF).

In the night we went to some other Keller (strangely in the first floor) getting some buffet which was quite ok.

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