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Having fun at the Snow Sprint! :-)

So it’s monday night and we are 2.5 days into the Snow Sprint 2007. It’s happening in Sibratsgfäll in Austria and we even have some snow. Nice to finally see some white mountains again! :-)

I arrived on Saturday after some train problems (of course) but still in time for the shuttle. Location is very nice, food is good and people are great. I haven’t done any real coding yet but worked on a keynote presentation for Solutions Linux in Paris starting tomorrow for Pilot Systems and their 40″ monitor. As I hadn’t that much time to work on it it’s very rough but it might be a start and might also be used in the future on more trade shows or similar events.

I also met my room mates, which are Sasha Vincic and Tim „timte“ Terlegard, so I got a nice room :-)


Beside that I have learned a lot. Philipp von Weitershausen was introducing Grok. For those who do not know about Grok: It’s a add-on for Zope3 and tries to make creating Zope3 application very easy. Philipp also introduced „grokproject“, a product for automatically installing all necessary modules via eggs (also something I should know more about). After the initial presentation he was doing a tutorial and showed us how to do the basic CRUD functions for a todo tracker and later extending it with searching, traversal and more. I also recorded the introduction but probably will put it online after the sprint as doing video on a mac seems to take more time than on windows ;-)


We also went into the snow and I did some photos:

Snow Sprint 07 Sibratsgfäll

(Find all of them in my Snow Sprint 2007 flickr set)


And I also did two desktop wallpapers for the widescreen MBPs:

Snow Sprint Desktop Wallpaper 2

(Download it here)

Snowsprint 2007 Desktop Wallpaper

(Download it here)

So that was my sunday.


Today was more fixing some bugs for clients and working on a Second Life project I am doing with the lovelys. And this evening I was finally checking out the Plone3 bundle and was a bit shocked by how slow it was until I discussed/debugged a bit with Balazs and found the culprit (more on this in the next post).

Other people have been working on creating a test setup via buildbot, converging all the Calendaring products to one useful project and factoring out commong things, creating better TextMate bundles, doing a Zope 3 tutorial, implementing a caching mechanism for viewlets, implementing a module for doing similar searched (based on Haystack) and much more.

I hope to do some video walkthrough at one day.

And now to bed :-)

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