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Plone Archipelago Sprint Video Blog, Episode #1: JavaScript discussions and introductions

So here’s the first real episode from the Archipelago Sprint. I will categorize them in three categories:


highly technical content, you have been warned


some technical stuff but not necessarly Plone related, it’s more about the atmosphere (which of course touches technical issues as this is the main point of coming together)


This is merely about what Plone is and interview with people etc.

So this will be labelled as „INTERMEDIATE“. It will feature THE big discussion going on here which is about whether to use Mochikit or Prototype as JS library within Plone. Both sides have arguments and the little excerpt of that discussion might show how these things are handled within the community.
(This discussion has not ended yet, though, and we will try to find a solution at the end of this day).

Further on we have some introductions of people. Stefan Holek did the whole round of introducing everybody yesterday and I will split this up into certain pieces and post some faces at the end of every episode.

So watch it here!

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