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Rob Miller is connecting my worlds :-)

So it happened that I was watching Geek Entertainment TV on my train ride back from Cologne. I came to know about that video blog actually via Eric Rice whom I know via the virtual world Second Life (see my SL blog) which is sort of my connection to the Valley (as Eric, being a big fan of SL and well connected in the SF area is bringing lots of people from the SF Bay area into this world).

And now I watch the latest episode of Geek Entertainment TV about LinuxWorld in SF and suddenly it happens that Rob Miller is being interviewed by Irina and is talking about Plone, Burning Man and OpenPlans of course. Now that sort of connects my worlds and is sort of a coincidence because:

  • I mentioned the link between Burning Man and Plone recently on my podcast
  • This SF connection connects to my Plone connection via Second Life
  • Burning Man actually is also happening in Second Life as Burning Life and according to Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life, Burning Man also sort of inspired their product (at least they are big fans of it).

Now it’s actually quite nice to connect all these things together.

But this also reminds me that maybe an opportunity is missed here in form of Second Life because PHP is big in there, Ruby grows (and there’s even plans to also host the RubyConf in-world) etc. while Python and Plone remain a bit unkown in there. With BBC, TELUS, American Apparel, Adidas and Duran Duran (among others) coming in it might be sort of a marketing platform of the future. My plan is actually to have some sort of space in there where people can learn about Plone. And streaming the conference in there would actually also be quite nice.

Anyway, nice coincidences :-) And actually quite lucky for Irina as Rob is of course quite a cool guy :-)

So go and watch that episode!

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